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I absolutely love this product. I have an 8 year old male dog that gets an attitude when I am gone longer than he thinks I should be and will leave his mark on the chair. I have used lysol, febreeze, upholstery cleaner and several other products to get the urine smell out of the chair. When I took O.I.O home and used it not only did it clean it but it also took the smell out. Pet urine is one of the hardest smells to get rid of so when O.I.O not only cleaned it but removed the smell, I was ecstatic. I would definitely recommend this product.
Teresa B - Ohio
I was given this OIO product to try out, since my little cock-a-poo tends to throw up at least once a week. Well, let me tell you this stuff is wonderful.

First time I tried it was on an older spot on my carpet that she kept going back to and throwing up on the exact same spot. It got the smell out and she no longer goes to that spot on my carpet. Then two days ago I come home from work and she had thrown up “all of her canned dog food” – the smell was awful, not to mention the stain on my carpet. Once again, I took the OIO to the carpet and immediately the smell was gone and so was the stain. I love, love this product and will recommend it to all my animal lover friends!

Joan Z - Ohio
The OIO product used by the friendly Stanley Steemer crew to clean my carpet was exceptional. I have two big puppies and they have caused quite a bit odor in our master bedroom. After the OIO product was applied, the smells were instantly gone. Once dried, the carpet looked and smelled amazing.
Jamie P
I wanted to take the time to mention to you how great your product works. OIO has been added to all of cleaning routines. I cannot tell you enough the amazing results we get from your product. All of our odor issues have been resolved with this chemical. It is also a great cleaner, we had floors that we tried cleaning with other products with no results but OIO seems to clean with ease. Once again thank you for presenting us to this product! Have a great day.
Cruz M - California